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My name is Julie, I have always loved creating, restoring, i am really a dabbler even when i don’t know anything about it!

I think it is above all that feeling, discovering the unknown that i love. Each creation is an adventure.

I have designed jewellery holders made out of drift wood, woollen wall hangings, i’ve restored kitchen furniture into a chest drawer for my daughter ‘s room, manufactured all kind of mobiles… and i could go on and on.

Lots of ideas that i have set aside for « when i would have time » ( that is never) because i need to be alone, to have enough time to give free rein to my imagination ( not really easy when you become a mother as you can imagine)


For Christmas my lover offered me a sewing machine, i used to dream about it. My first one, the one i still sew with.

I learned to use dit, to make expert finishes, thanks to my incredible mother.

Then i started to construct my own block patterns.

There had been so many outfits laid out with my daughter and a few bumps along the road, despite the hours of work, i continued and sometimes had to start my création all over.

Regardless of the handships, i was passioned by sewing, never counting the hours untili obtained the desired result and it always came up.

I have discovered an overwhelming sensé of satisfaction you feel when you achieve the hoped model and the excited of the last little threads.

I didn’t want to stop with those last stitches, i wanted to create my own line of chidren’s wear, and distinguish myself with valnable models you can find in dressing rooms intermixed with an unconditional love for suspenders , the idea quickly arrived : I wanted to make overalls !

Overalls are universally stretch out upon générations, are exhaustively declinable wonderfully, in a classy or sporty maneers, it is a time pièce with a unique character, with a model to suit every taste, the overall is a childhood classic but not onlyas i still wearing them.

I wanted to distinguish myself with valnable models you can find in dressing rooms intermixed with an unconditional love for suspenders , the idea quickly arrived : I wanted to make overalls !


Maison salopette uses quality fabrics from Spain and Germany, tested and certified Oêko- Tex*

*Oêko-tex is the first indépendant testing and certification system for textil products from all stages of production, and human friendly production facilities and materials.

Each element used to create the models have been carefully selected in order to work with the best suppliers (France, Germany, Spain).



Each model is a mix garment , made in very limited series, from single piece to a maximum of three for each size and color.

Pants overall, dresses or bloomer, pants with suspenders…

I love simple and confortable models with attention to détails (work on buttons, singular tags, original lining).

Using soft materials , bright colouring, single colour, tne in tone and unique patterns.



I have chosen to settle my production in a french workshop, in Paris in order to have work done with a reputation which is renowed , on a human scale, that allows me to communicate directly with the needlewomen.